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El viaje de tu vida

I am Majo, the creator of the blog ""The journey of your life"", a dreamy and very restless travelling soul. 

Discovering new cultures, destinations and ways of seeing life, was awakening something inside me. All my experiences made me experience a change in my way of thinking and facing life. And it was in 2018 when I decided to leave my job at the bank and devote myself to what really made me happy: travelling and creating guides so that everyone could organise and enjoy their trips and adventures.

Our life philosophy is to enjoy every experience to the fullest and on our trips we are passionate about discovering places that we cannot find in conventional guides. Following the essential lists is great, but you also have to go off the beaten track and discover more authentic places, where you can get to know the real local culture of the destination.

On our routes you will find the best neighbourhoods, restaurants, shops, plans and authentic experiences that you can find at each destination.

Do you join the movement enjoy?