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Seter. Ruben Conesa

"Hey! My name is Ruben Conesa but I'm better known as Seter!  I'm 33 years old and was born in a village in "Les Terres de l'Ebre" in the south of Catalonia, Spain, although for the last 10 years I've lived in Cerler, UK, Canada and Menorca to end up living in a motorhome! So right now my house is where I park it!

My hobbies are travelling, snowboarding and surfing although lately I'm also focusing on photography and learning a little bit every day!

What I love most about travelling is the freedom it gives me, taking my backpack and getting lost in another country, new cultures, meeting people, incredible places!  Travelling makes you better at everything! Travelling is living!

I am lucky enough to have travelled to 39 countries and to have fulfilled many of my dream destinations .... Japan, India, Canada, Indonesia, China... but I'm still dreaming, so I hope to add more places to that list soon!

Embrace and keep on living!"