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We are Ana and Arancha, two women from Burgos who are passionate about traveling around the world. For the last couple of years we have also been doing it with our van "Vipauto" and we love it!

Getting to know new places allows us to have contact with people from other cultures, explore landscapes, taste new cuisines, learn about other beliefs and religions, and above all teaches us to respect and learn.

We have laughed and cried, felt helplessness and anger, we have been afraid, we have been excited, our nerves have been on edge, we have lived tense moments, magical and not so magical, incredible moments, hard, but all this and many more things have made us grow as people and value even more, if possible, life and human beings.
All these sensations and emotions make us feel alive, that's why and for many other things we will continue to travel, and why not, make traveling our way of life.
We tell all our travel experiences in our blog