Hemp wardrobe essentials

Basics that always perform

This capsule collection has been designed to exceed the expectations of modern-day travelers. Comfortable pieces you can wear everyday and pack wherever you go thanks to the unique features of organic hemp.


Times more durable

Buy less, choose well, make it last.


Natural features

Provided by the planet, to help us enjoy it.


Less water usage

Sustainability like no other natural fiber.

Womens collection

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All day every day

Essentials for any occasion,
whatever the season

Temp regulation

Fresh and breathable
in summer, warm in winter

Comfy and soft

Blended with organic cotton
for extra softness

Travel tested

Ready for any destination, near or far

UV protection

Odor free

Humidity protection



Organic hemp

Hemp is one of the most sustainable crops in history as it grows really fast with almost no water, no pesticides or herbicides and less fertilizers than other crops. It alkalinizes unhealthy soil and prevents erosion. In addition, hemp absorbs up to 4 times as much Co2 than trees or other fibers.

Organic cotton

This chemical-free cotton respects farmers and land as it uses neither pesticides nor fertilizers and it is responsible with water consumption.


TENCEL® fibers are derived from european sustainable wood sources, harvested from certified and controlled sources following the stringent guidelines of the lenzing wood and pulp policy.

+10 years experience in sustainable fashion
Verified traceability
Worldwide shipping and secure payment

We’ve been sitting for too long, it’s time to stand up.

We hope this collection helps to remind yourself and others how important it is to stay present, be conscious, and stand up for what you care about, every day of your life.

For us it means standing up for our planet and against the fast fashion model. That’s why we’ve partnered with Thinking Mu, sustainable fashion pioneers with over a decade of experience, to launch a capsule collection that meets the highest sustainability standards you deserve.