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All Terrain Sneakers

From $119

Drawn to water

Water friendly | Quick dry | Lightweight | Sustainable

Enjoy all the benefits of aqua shoes with the technical outsoles of hiking shoes and the styling of your favourite daily pieces.

The shoes you can swim in

The functionality of water shoes with quick-drying capabilities

Get wet, dry fast

4+ years of innovation and design to create a sneaker which goes from urban, to outdoor, to water.

  • Quick drying

    High-tech materials and in-drainage system ensure water is expelled from the sneaker. Unique drainage holes channel the water out of the shoe whilst prevent it from entering.

  • Breathable

    The sneaker is designed with a specially engineered 3D Mesh for breathability.

  • Odorless

    Removable insoles and Agion® treatment last for the sneakers' entire life to fight bacteria and odors.

Take them wherever life takes you

Anytime, anywhere


At Tropicfeel we believe it’s our
responsibility to create products that
are designed, sourced and manufactured
in ways that are good for our community
and good for the planet.