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The ultimate travel shoe

New colors · Improved materials · Same versatility

  • Water friendly

  • Quick Dry

  • 24h wear

  • Lightweight

All Terrain Sneakers

The all-terrain sneaker category was born to meet the needs of modern-day travelers who want to be ready to jump into new adventures, anytime, anywhere.

Take them wherever life takes you.

From your workplace to the great outdoors.

The shoes you can swim in.

The functionality of aqua shoes with quick-drying capabilities.

The only shoe you need to pack.

Lightweight and packable, always bring them with you.

+86.000 backers trusted us

what they say

I really like and enjoy wearing my Sunset shoes. I find they provide plenty of support and are comfortable to wear. I have ordered a second pair in this range, different colour, as I enjoy wearing them so much.

Niall Doorley

Awesome look and absolutely fantastic feel walking in these shoes I didnt expect to be this overwhelmed.


I love my shoes. They are so comfortable. I can wear them for hours, walk for kilometers with no socks, and there is not a blister in sight. Definitely my go to travel shoe.


From sneakers to slippers

24hr wear design from the first to the last step of your day


Sunset in depth

Upgraded and improved features

Easy to pack

Superior comfort

Water friendly

Quick dry

Slip on

Slip resistant


For every pair of Sunset we make, we use 6 recycled plastic bottles

We also use 30% recycled EVA, as well as a pre order model to optimize waste management.

Sustainability at Tropicfeel is one of our main design principles, and always will be.

Patented treatments and tested materials

Patented treatments and tested materials


Our newly designed material allows for higher Abrasion Resistance and better breathability.

Lava XL targets and defeats bad odors also self re-generates, meaning your shoes stay fresher, for longer, no matter what you’re doing.

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