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    Short-term trips

    Reliable and versatile gear for navigating any terrain

    Discover all kinds of versatile gear, ideal for quick and eventful travels: from all-terrain sneakers to expandable luggage and backpacks.




    From urban to outdoors
    Adaptable gear for various environments

    The only shoe you need to pack
    Lightweight and packable, bring them everywhere

    Smart packability
    Space-saving and innovative packing solutions

    Travel light

    Lightweight gear that helps you pack smarter and enjoy more.

    Adjusts to fit your needs

    Shrink it. Expand it.

    Expandable backpacks that allow you to unlock space when you’re packing for your weekend trip and lock it back up when you’re heading out for some day-time exploration.

    *Accepted as carry on by most airlines up to 32,5L configuration.


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