Dear Tropicfeel Community,

It’s fair to say that the Coronavirus is having a huge effect on our society, from countries shutting down to mandatory quarantines, we are facing uncertain times. However one thing is for certain, and that is we all have the ability to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. That’s why we have decided to temporarily stop our operations, and asked our team to work from home.

As part of this new plan we're moving to a pre-order model to help restrain the potential further spreading of the virus. We must use this as an opportunity to learn, and show that society can work together to improve the current broken system by establishing responsible business practices.

We believe this pre-order system is the ultimate evolution of the worldwide online retail industry, a model that opens the doors for a more sustainable and collaborative future. With this in mind our product range will still be available online, but with a 20% reduced price, with the shipping process beginning in 15 days time. (this may be longer, due to potential unforeseen delays as a result of coronavirus)

In times like these, we need to remember how amazing our world is, to trust people that surround us and care about us. It’s time to keep dreaming.

Let’s stay safe and follow the advice from the professionals. We are all in this together, and thanks to the collaboration of community, we will get through it.


Tropicfeel Team