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Nation for change

Be conscious, stay curious, leave a positive footprint. Let's change the way we travel. Embrace a new identity, no matter where you are or where you're heading to, this is a nation where you will always proudly belong, no barriers, no flags, no anthems, just people leading change.

You get rewards, we help, the planet wins.

Exclusive Products & Discounts

A full range of product perks to help you inspire change

Travel experiences

Incredible journey customizations only for nation members. Let us take you on life-changing adventures, for free

ID Lab

Define the future of travel gear with us, help to choose, innovate and design our next products

Modern-day travel community

Get inspired and inspire others. Be part of the ultimate travel community

Carbon Offsetting

Reducing your travel footprint has never been so easy

Environmental Actions

From planting trees, improving sustainable energy production, plus more... this is a nation to protect the planet

Raising Awareness

Don't talk, just act, don't say, just show. Together we will inspire social consciousness

Challenge the Industry

Help us reduce waste, optimize our supply chains and challenge the fashion and travel industries

How it works?

Create an account to earn points for every Tropicfeel purchase and interaction. The more you interact, the more points you earn.

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Join the Nation and level up through the tiers to earn the ultimate passport and become an official changer.

+150 points


You are a curious person, your interest in challenging the status quo is clear but it's time to jump into the action.

You'll become a tourist as soon as you attain 150 points.

  • A 10% Tropicfeel Discount Code
  • We plant 1 tree on your behalf
  • Design our new products with access to ID Lab
  • All rewards are subject to ongoing changes*
+1500 points


You know what you want...your ambitions go beyond average, you don't need to be told what to do and your spirit starts to inspire others.

You'll become a adventurer as soon as you attain 1500 points.

  • A 15% Tropicfeel Discount Code
  • We plant 2 tree on your behalf
  • Free Tropicfeel Nation Merch
  • Be on our Instagram close friends list for early access to launches.
  • All rewards are subject to ongoing changes*
+4500 points


You are exploring new ways, thank you for leading new paths and inspiring the world to be kinder to our planet

You'll become a explorer as soon as you attain 4500 points.

  • A 20% Tropicfeel Discount Code
  • We plant 3 trees on your behalf
  • A donation on our behalf to improve sustainable energy production
  • All rewards are subject to ongoing changes*
+8000 points


You have proven yourself as a vital member in the Tropicfeel Nation, keep it up and do not lose momentum.

You'll become a traveler as soon as you attain 8000 points.

  • A 20% and 10% Tropicfeel Discount Code
  • We plant 4 trees on your behalf
  • Free Tropicfeel Nation Merch
  • Free Access to the Certified Travel Better training course
  • All rewards are subject to ongoing changes*
+13500 points


Your dedication and skill knows no bounds, your ability to pursue and achieve change is an honorable achievement

You'll become a nomad as soon as you attain 13500 points.

  • A 30% Tropicfeel Discount Code
  • We plant 5 trees on your behalf
  • 1 Free Tropicfeel Journey Personalized Itinerary
  • All rewards are subject to ongoing changes*
+20500 points


You've made it, changing the world is part of who you are. The nation needs you and your inspiration to lead the way into the future of sustainability

You'll become a changer as soon as you attain 20500 points.

  • A 40% Tropicfeel Discount Code
  • We plant 6 trees on your behalf
  • Free Tropicfeel Nation Merch
  • 3 Free Tropicfeel Journey Personalized Itineraries
  • Access to VIP customer service
  • All rewards are subject to ongoing changes*

How to earn points?

Weekly, Weekend & Monthly Challenges

Changing starts by doing, our challenges will help you achieve new skills and accomplishments that will have a direct effect on your carbon footprint

Be part of the community

Your activity will inspire others to get involved in the movement, help the planet, and be rewarded


Be part of the future of travel gear. Collaborate in the development of our products for modern day travelers by modern day travelers.


Art. 1

The Tropicfeel Nation (from now on "Nation"), is declared plural, inclusive, transparent, apolitical & areligious and bases its convivence on respect, equality and freedom. Everyone with a desire to change for better will be welcome and receive the Nation's help.

Art. 2

The purpose of the nation is to help members find their path, challenge the travel industry and protect the planet. As a founding member, Tropicfeel will provide you with the tools to move forward with the mission.

Art. 3

Let’s keep this simple. Everyone has a right to join our nation. You have the right to be rewarded for your efforts, and your duty is to enjoy bringing a positive change to the world at the same time.

Art. 4

We are a nation with no barriers, no flags, & no anthems. Just a collective of good people who want to help change the world for the better. Come along and join the ride.


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