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the ready-to-adapt backpack

Bring on the activity with the ultimate travel lifestyle backpack. Innovative versatility, seamlessly integrated ecosystem, modular expandability and smart packability to adapt to any adventure.

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Pack up to 20% more
An inbuilt wardrobe system that gives you minimum packing, maximum adventure.

Unlock Hive's full potential
A 12L packing cube which compresses volume by 50% and saves even more space the smart way.

Capture the moment
A durable Camera Cube XXL with customizable dividers and optimized functionality.

A hanging toiletry with Fidlock magentic attachments for easy accessibility.

Get messy, Stay Organized
A tech pouch with compartmentalized organization and accessible attachment.

Adapt to anything
A hipbelt that can be removed from the backpack and used as an adaptable bumbag to keep your important belongings safe and accessible. Attach it to the camera cube to carry as a sling bag whilst on the move.

It's all in the detail

Available in 3 colorways:

The travel lifestyle backpack
created with new nomads in mind


Expand. Adapt. Explore.

Expand your backpack from 22L to 46.5L to adapt to your travels.

*Accepted as carry on by most airlines up to 32,5L configuration.

Watch our product tour to see how it works and all the details that it has.



Pack more, pack better
A wardrobe system that lets you pack up to 20% more. Remove it from the backpack, pack in your things, compress it down, seamlessly integrate it back in.

Watch our product tour to see how it works and all the details that it has.

How it works:

Smart packing cube 12L

Compress volume by 50%
Unlock Hive's full potential and save even more space the smart way with dual zip compression and optimized organization. Use solo, or integrate it into the front pocket of the backpack and secure it with the Spider Net.

How it works:

The ultimate features

Kangaroo Pocket
Unzip the bottom of the backpack, unfold the pocket and get 4L of extra expansion for traveling.
Spider Net System™
A detachable divider that adds extra room for your belongings.
Magnetic Fidlock
Attached add-ons securely to the front of Hive via a magnet so once locked on, they won't come off until you pull the security tab.
Perimetral zipper
Unzip and extend by 3cm and unlock the Wardrobe's compatibility with the backpack.
Full Clamshell Opening
180· opening to get easy access to the main body of the backpack and 16" laptop compartment on-the-go.
Adaptable BumBag
Use it as a waist support strap for the Hive backpack, or solo as a bumbag for personal, or strap it onto the camera cube XXL.

Wet outside, dry inside

Weatherproof materials ensure your belongings are protected against the elements

Ultimate access. Optimized organization.

Keep calm. Carry on.

Superior Comfort.


At Tropicfeel we believe it’s our
responsibility to create products that
are designed, sourced and manufactured
in ways that are good for our community
and good for the planet.


How crowdfunding works

Creators of 4 record breaking Kickstarter campaigns, now on exclusively our website. We're going to have differents batches. Don't miss the opportunity to buy it at its lowest price.

How to pre-order?

Simply click the Pre-Order button and select the chosen color and accessories. You will then be able to purchase your Hive with discount (limited time only) for delivery in June 2022.

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Why Pre-Order?

We believe that our crowdfunding model is the best way to stop unnecessary harm to the environment, while offering our customers better prices at the same time. Here's why:

  • Good for you

    Get our product at a cheaper price

  • Good for us

    We can produce goods in a more responsible way

  • Good for the planet

    We only produce what we need helping to avoid excess emissions and waste

Some questions you may have

The best way to clean all of our backpacks is to wipe the inside
and outside after each trip with a damp cloth and to air dry. We do not recommend fully submerging our backpacks in water. If the stain is hard and you need to use mild soap you may. However do not apply the soap directly onto the product, use a damp cloth to apply it. We always recommend non-toxic, environmentally friendly soap options.

Here at Tropicfeel we always look for the most sustainable solutions for our products and their environment. Most of the main materials used on our Hive Backpack are 100% recycled materials, they are also made by factories with major certifications in this topic.

Yes, none of the materials used in this product is animal-based or related, the entire production process meets all the terms to qualify as a vegan product.

This product is manufactured in Vietnam by one of our longest partnership manufacturers.

All of the materials in the backpack have either DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment, PU coating, or both. This
makes the backpack itself weatherproof & water repellent. During a day of heavy rain, it is possible that water could enter through the seams.

Hive is a combination of all the great features of our Nest and Shell backpack. Hive has an urban and clean look and is our most versatile and expandable backpack yet. It has a wide range of useful accessories to uprise its adaptability in every situation. Hive has been built with the dynamic lifestyle of digital nomads and creators in mind and is our most technical backpack yet!

The main materials of the backpack and accessories are 100% Recycled Polyester Fabrics with DW finishes in both the lining & main materials.

Our Hive backpack is set to ship in June 2022. Note that this is an estimate, as you’re pre-ordering and unforeseen production delays may arise.
Once it has been shipped, you will receive a tracking ID to track the package.