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Lift 40L Rollerbag

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Lift 40L Rollerbag

Go the distance

A versatile carry-on created with even the toughest of journeys in mind. Go from rollerbag to backpack in seconds. Experience next-level accessibility, organization and expansion. Durable and sustainable design so you can save space and seize the journey.

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The smart carry-on system

The versatility and look of a backpack with the comfort and structure of a suitcase.

Measurements details:
Height x Width x  Depth: 55,2cm x 36cm x  x 22cm
Weight: 2.9kg

Stay organized
when you are away

Pack smarter, not harder, with the wardrobe system, roll-up toiletry bag and sealed laundry bag.

*Wardrobe works with Shell Backpack, Hive Backpack and Lift Rollerbag.

Tap to discover the ecosystem:

Pack up to 20% more
An inbuilt wardrobe system that gives you minimum packing, maximum adventure.

Unlock Lift Rollerbag's full potential
A 12L packing cube which compresses volume by 50% and saves even more space the smart way.

Perfect Duo
Matching the material and aesthetics of Nest, seamlessly integrate to access up to 80L.

Easy Access
Un-wrap and hang up to see all your personal belongings easily.

Keep fresh
A sealed bag that seperates your laundry and compresses to save space.

From rollerbag to backpack

Take on travel
with Flap Straps™

Adapt to any adventure:

Expand your adventures

The perfect travel combo

Integrate the Nest backpack with Lift 40L Rollerbag for the ultimate 82L ecosystem.
Size up and seize the journey.

It's all in the detail

Available in 4 colorways:

Watch our product tour to see how it works and all the details that it has.


Smart Packing Solutions

A new era of packing has arrived.
Save space and pack smarter with these two:

- 1 -


Pack more, pack better
A wardrobe system that lets you pack up to 20% more. Remove it from the rollerbag, pack in your things, compress it down, seamlessly integrate it back in.

Watch our product tour to see how it works and all its details.

How it works:

- 2 -

Smart packing cube 12L

Compress volume by 50%
Unlock Lift Rollerbag's full potential and save even more space the smart way with dual zip compression and optimized organization.
Use solo, or integrate it within the rollerbag.

Watch our product tour to see how it works and all its details.

How it works:

High performance,
low impact.


How crowdfunding works

Creators of 4 record breaking Kickstarter campaigns, now on exclusively our website. We're going to have differents batches. Don't miss the opportunity to buy it at its lowest price.

How to pre-order?

Simply click the pre-order button and in the next page select your color and accessories. You will then be able to purchase your Lift Rollerbag with discount (limited time only) for delivery in June 2023.

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Why crowdfunding?

We believe that our crowdfunding model is the best way to stop unnecessary harm to the environment, while offering our customers better prices at the same time. Here's why:

  • Good for you

    Get our product at a cheaper price

  • Good for us

    We can produce goods in a more responsible way

  • Good for the planet

    We only produce what we need helping to avoid excess emissions and waste


Some questions you may have

Lift 40L Rollerbag is our first-ever luggage piece. The first product on our catalog that can be both rolled, but still be used as a backpack when rolling is not an option.It is basically a Suitcase designed through the same Tropicfeel design DNA, versatility to make Traveler's life easier.

At Tropicfeel we always strive to offer the most sustainable products possible. Up to 70% of the Lift 40L Rollerbag is made with recycled materials, this is a perfect balance between performance & recycled materials. We are happy to confirm that this product is also fully vegan, none of the materials used in this product is animal-based or related, and the entire production process meets all the terms to qualify as a vegan product.

If you are buying the wardrobe directly within the LIFT 40L campaign, you will receive the updated version of it. That means that it will have a rear upper lining flap that will easily able you to hang it from the extended handle. If you just bought the Roller bag and want to use an older Wardrobe you own from when you bought Shell or Hive, don’t worry, we got you covered. Assuming you don’t have the rear lining flap, you can still hang the wardrobe from Lift Roller Bag by using the top 38mm webbing w/ Hook and wrapping it around the top plastic part of the retracted handle.

The capacity of LIFT is 40L but can grow up to 52L thanks to its front expansions that allow the user to perfectly fit in the expansion of the 12L Smart Packing Cube. It is a Carry-On size following the standard size for cabin luggage, or at least the most common ones. Fitting most of the Airlines even when expanded (25 cm depth). Please be sure to check the requirements of your airline as they may differ.

Thanks to its Hybrid construction, Lift offers the perfect balance between high-density EVA foam blended with high-quality fabrics that will give the perfect protection to your belonging while keeping weight down. Also, the front panel is fully padded with the same EVA quality to keep your laptop protected for your upcoming journeys. We made it our mission to pick high-end hardware for our Roller Bag with one of our well-known suppliers based in Vietnam. In addition, the wheels can be easily disassembled and repaired with an Allen wrench if needed.

Yes, you can easily use it as a backpack as well. Thanks to its thermoformed back panel, you will still have the comfort & length adjustment of a backpack. From our design perspective, we included this feature when rolling it’s not an option, that’s why you won’t find features from proper hiking backpacks such as sternum straps, hip belts, or heavily padded shoulder straps. The key to this feature was to find the perfect balance between function & space optimization. The thinner the better, but without compromising its function.

If you bought a wardrobe before 2023 separately or together with Shell or Hive backpack it will fit Lift 40L Rollerbag in terms of dimensions but unfortunately, it won’t have the full integration with Lift Rollerbag's top handle. Instead, it can also be integrated by fastening the loop handle, to the top handle of the Lift 40L Roller bag. You can still order the upgraded wardrobe with your lift preorder for more seamless integration.

The lining material used on LIFT 40L Rollerbag has a PU backing together with a Water repellent C6 finish that assures its resistance to water & humidity.
To excel with the material performance, we created these side pockets with a Seamless construction, meaning there are no thread punctures on the material that will affect its water resistance.

Our Roller Bag is estimated to start shipping in June 2023, at the moment there is no exact date. Note that this is an estimate, as you’re pre-ordering and unforeseen production delays may arise. You will receive an email with all the details when the package has been shipped and the courier picks it up from our warehouse.

You will have 30 days from the delivery date to request an exchange or a refund. We need the item(s) to be in an unused condition, in their original state and packaging.

Exchanges: We offer free exchanges for all countries within 30 days from the point of delivery.

Returns: If you are not completely satisfied with your order, we offer a compensation within 30 days from the point of delivery, once it is validated. We will provide you with a partially paid postage label for your return during the process, if applicable.

For more information on shipping and return information, please visit our FAQ page here.