Nest Backpack

 The everyday adventure backpack
From 16L to 30L

An All-Rounder backpack designed to satisfy the curious in their daily commutes, unforgettable getaways, and every hobby in between.

Discover the ecosystem:

It's all in the details:

Pack more in

Made to take part in every day adventures

Nest's 3-in-1 adaptable design shifts between 16L to 30L.

That means you can unlock space when you’re packing for your weekend trip and lock it back up when you’re heading out for some day-time exploration.

The only backpack you need for life's ever-changing moments

Watch the product tour to see how it works

The travel perfect combo

Integrate the Nest backpack with Lift 40L Rollerbag for the ultimate 82L ecosystem.

Size up and seize the journey.

Smart Packing Cube 10L

Compress volume by 50%

Unlock Nest's full potential and save even more space the smart way with dual zip compression and optimized organization.

Use solo, or integrate it into the front pocket of the backpack and secure it with the Spider Net System™.

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How it works:

Ultimate access. Optimized organization.



Watch the product tour to see how it works