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    NS40 Light Jacket

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    Two pieces, ultimate performance

    All possible in all purpose

    The protection of a raincoat, the performance of a wind breaker, the warmth of a gilet and the look of your favorite daily pieces.

    Waterproof | Thermoregulated | Self-Packable | 15-25ºC

    Experience seamless integration

    Pack like a traveler
    Lightweight and low volume, take it wherever life takes you.

    Get wet, stay dry
    15k mm waterproofness rating, stay dry under moderate rain.

    Be spontaneous, we've got you covered.
    Experience the latest in Graphene technology and innovative Thermofibre insulation.

    Take on temperamental weather

    From latitude 40ºN to latitude 40ºS cover up to 80% of destinations in one jacket

    North to South

    The Sri Lanka Journey

    NS40 Layer

    Apparel built to withstand all kind of adventure.

    • Weatherproof

      Take on temperamental weather.

    • Breathable

      Keep your body's temperature regulated.

    • Organized

      Keep track of your belongings.

    Self-Packing Pocket

    Roll-Up Hood

    Sealed Zippers

    Hidden Pocket

    Hand Warmer Pocket

    Thumbhole Cuffs

    NS40 Layer: Available in 4 colorways

    NS40 Reversible Vest

    A waterproof and resistant reversible vest made with Graphene technology.

    • Recycled

      Made from 100% recycled polyester.

    • Waterproof

      Adventure in high-performing, water resistant Graphene material.

    • Core Warmth

      Benefit from a low volume and 100% vegan down filling.

    Vest details that make the difference

    Smart Pockets

    Sealed Zipper

    Self-Packing Pocket

    Jackets comparison

    NS60 Jacket: For colder climates

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    NS60 Jacket Shadow Blue
    -30% Last Chance Unisex
    NS60 Jacket All Black
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    NS60 Jacket Walnut Sand
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    NS60 Jacket Leaf Khaki

    ProTravel™ Tee

    A traveler's t-shirt made with organic cotton, and 100% water and stain repellent materials.

    • Water Repellent

      Stay spill-free whilst you travel.

    • Breathable

      To get you from A to B sweat-free.

    • Anti-Bacterial

      Protect yourself from odors and bacteria.

    High quality, low impact

    Certified by the Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) for lawful, humane and ethical production.

    Recycled Polyester

    Both in the Layer and the Vest


    Carbon Neutral


    Without fluorcarbons harmful for the environment and your skin



    We have a range of sizes available and the best way to check which one to go for is through our size chart below. We recommend measuring yourself in cm’s and comparing this with the chart to determine the best size for you and the kind of fit you’d like!

    Here’s our guidance on how to wash your jacket:

    Sweatshirt: Tumble dry with low heat, Wash with cold water (30ºC), Iron on low heat (110ºC), Do not bleach

    Vest: Tumble dry with low heat, Wash with cold water (30ºC), Iron on low heat (110ºC), Do not bleach

    The all-possible travel jacket is made to wear during adventures from cities to mountains. It’s our first integrated jacket with 4-in-1 versatility; the protection of a raincoat, the performance of a windbreaker, the warmth of a gilet and the look of your favorite daily pieces.

    Our NS40 Light Jacket is designed to provide you with thermal comfort in the more temperamental and tropical summer weather. Here are some of the ways it’s perfect for your adventures:

    Waterproofness/breathability:  According to the JIS evaluation standard, our jacket is SP 10K/5K. The first number (10K) measures the waterproof rating. 10K means that when you wear both the Layer and Reversible Vest together, the jacket will be waterproofing until you reach 10,000 millimeters of water. To simplify things, this means it would take 33ft of water before it even starts to seep through the fabric’s other side! The second number (5K) measures breathability. This level of breathability is perfect for urban travel or camping in the rain but will get a bit clammy during high-intensity hiking or climbing. 

    Thermal insulation: According to CLO evaluation standard, the insulation provided by our jacket (including both Layer and Vest) is up to 1,28CLO - which means that the degree of insulation is Medium. This is great for keeping warm in windy conditions, for example.

    Thermal regulation: Thanks to the graphene lining, this jacket absorbs and retains heat from the environment.

    We advise pairing the Layer and Reversible Vest to unlock the full performance of our NS40 Light Jacket, which brings you comfort with 4-in-1 versatility: the protection of a raincoat, the performance of a windbreaker, the warmth of a gilet, and the look of your favorite daily pieces. The upper graphene layer of the NS40 Layer is waterproof, breathable, and lightweight, whilst the lower fleece layer REBORN® is constructed in a grid pattern to trap heat and moisture. Because the fleece fabric is just water repellant, the Layer alone isn’t waterproof. You can unlock the full NS40 Jacket’s waterproofness capacity wearing both Layer and Vest. 

    NS40 Reversible Vest is composed of a waterproof graphene outer shell layer that enables the protection of a raincoat and the performance of a windbreaker. The thermal insulation is carried out by REPREVE® filling, made with 100% recycled polyester derived from post-consumer water bottles and pre-consumer waste. It provides the user the thermal comfort that they need when traveling in temperamental & tropical weather. The Vest is reversible to provide different aesthetic options to the user - with the lining not being waterproof.

    Our material selection has been carried out to ensure the desired performance with the least environmental impact possible. 50% of the polyester used to make the NS40 Light Jacket is recycled. 30% of the polyester from the NS40 Layer is recycled and 70% of the polyester from the NS40 Reversible Vest is recycled. It couldn’t be 100% as to assure the right performance of the graphene membrane, the polyester fabric couldn’t be recycled.

    The main fabric of 100% polyester with graphene membrane can't be recycled in order to ensure the right functionality of the graphene membrane. Fleece fabric REBORN® located in the bottom part of NS40 Layer, is 92%Recycled Polyester 8%Elastane. This fabric is certificated with Global Recycle Standard and Transaction Certificate (TC). REPREVE® filling, located in the vest, is made with 100% recycled polyester derived from post-consumer water bottles and pre-consumer waste. The inner fabric of the vest is 100% recycled polyester REBORN® which yarns are made from PET bottles. Also certificated with Global Recycle Standard and Transaction Certificate (TC). 

    We also have minded the packaging material selection to reduce the footprint as much as possible. For so, we have selected materials that don’t come from virgin resources and that are recyclable:

    Hangtag: FSC-certified recycled paper (100%post consumer waste). We are also using a water-based alternative to previous PVC inks.

    Care Label: Recycled Polyester Satin (100% post-consumer waste). Water-based alternative to previous PVC inks.

    Main Label quality: 100%recycled polyester. The supplier is Avery Dennison.

    Shipping box: we use FSC-certified cardboard

    Graphene conducts heat better than any material on Earth. So when you’re wearing the sweatshirt, with the graphene side next to your body, in cold weather it helps equalize your skin temperature by sending heat from the hot bits of your body like your head, to the cold bits like your hands. It’s the first wave of conductive fabrics that will carry heat or electricity around your body but without any power source. Lab tests have shown that the closer to your body the material is, the more effective it will be at regulating. It will also create less humidity next to your body than a normal membrane. In lab tests the humidity was consistently lower during every phase of exercise and recovery, so you should feel less hot and sweaty. It’s believed that graphene is somehow able to disperse the extra humidity from the heat, but the ‘how’ remains unknown for now. We’ll just enjoy the benefits!

    To differentiate the performance rating of our shell fabrics, here at Tropicfeel we perform a Hydrostatic Head test (to measure the level of water penetration resistance) and a Water Vapour Permeability Test (to measure the capacity of the body to evacuate internal humidity like sweat). We submitted the NS40 light jackets to these tests and the results are 15K/20K.

    The first number (15K) refers to the waterproof rating. A 15K mm rating means that until you reach 15,000 millimetres of water, in a 1-inch diameter column, stacked on top of the fabric, the water will not penetrate the fabric. This means that the garment is ideal for moderate and average rain and light-pressure conditions.

    The second number (20K) refers to the breathability rating. It's measured by the passage of water vapour that can pass through the fabric. A 20,000g/m2/24h rating means that the moisture (sweat) penetrates through the material quickly, which means that the product will allow for excellent breathability.

    Yes, it is vegan. Vegan fabrics means choosing fabrics that do not use any animals in the process. For the NS40 Light Jacket, we are not using silk, wool, cashmere, leather, or any other fabric made from an animal. All fabrics used are synthetic. With so, we are not promoting the use of any animal as materials in creating fabrics or garments.

    Graphene comes from graphite when it is reduced to a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagon formation in a laminar structure. This material, which won a Nobel Prize in 2010, is emerging as one of the most promising nanomaterials for its groundbreaking properties and it's still a matter of fundamental studies. It is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, it is optically transparent, it is known as the thinnest, hardest, and least resistivity material in the world.

    The outer shell of the Vest and the upper part of the Sweatshirt is made from polyester, internally coated entirely in a graphene membrane. Adding graphene to the polyester fundamentally changes its mechanical and chemical properties – a polyester fabric that couldn’t naturally conduct heat or energy for instance, now can. And as graphene is only one atom thick, you can do this without adding a single gram of weight. 

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