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A new era of packing

Expandable | Organized | Accessible | Sustainable


A core collection of backpacks that are made for traveling from urban to outdoors and everything in between. Get ready to take part in all kinds of adventures.

Tap to discover our 3 backpacks:

The everyday adventure backpack
An All-Rounder backpack designed to satisfy the curious in their daily commutes, unforgettable getaways, and every hobby in between.

The ready-to-adapt backpack
Bring on the activity with the ultimate travel lifestyle backpack. Innovative versatility, seamlessly integrated ecosystem, modular expandability and smart packability to adapt to any adventure.

The modern day travel backpack
A backpack and wardrobe system with unmatched versatility, easy access, and organization to pack up to 20% more.



From 22L to 46,5L


From 16L to 30L


From 22L to 40L



Pack more, pack better
A wardrobe system that lets you pack up to 20% more. Remove it from the backpack, pack in your things, compress it down, seamlessly integrate it back in.

Watch our product tour to see how it works and all the details that it has.

How it works:

Smart packing cubes

Compress volume by 50%
Unlock Hive's full potential and save even more space the smart way with dual zip compression and optimized organization. Use solo, or integrate it into the front pocket of the backpack and secure it with the Spider Net.

Watch our product tour to see how it works and all the details that it has.

How it works:

Tap to discover other accessories of the backpacks:

A hanging toiletry with FidLock® magentic attachments for easy accessibility.

Get messy, Stay Organized
A tech pouch with compartmentalized organization and accessible attachment.

Capture the moment
A durable Camera Cube XXL with customizable dividers and optimized functionality.

Save space and keep things in place
The Organizer is a portable wardrobe made with recycled materials that integrates into the backpack. Easy access, versatile, water-friendly, lightweight.

A must-have travel organizer that saves space
Just pack and compress. Fits all the extra items you might need like towels, underwear and more. Made with recycled materials.

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Pre Order -20%
$289 $231.20
Pre Order -20%
$289 $231.20

Wet outside, dry inside

Weatherproof materials ensure your belongings are protected against the elements

Details that have all our backpacks

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At Tropicfeel we believe it’s our
responsibility to create products that
are designed, sourced and manufactured
in ways that are good for our community
and good for the planet.

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