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Take on the Unexpected

The first weatherproof travel sneaker blending thermoregulating Recycled Wool and a technical waterproof membrane to keep you comfortable and dry come rain or shine. Turn unpredictable weather into unexpected adventures.

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The All Terrain Sneaker with 4 in 1 versatility

The protection of rain boots, the comfort of sport sneakers, the grip of hiking shoes, and the look of your favorite daily pieces.

Fear no weather

Made with care to wear without

Two styles, equal performance

Each style available in 5 colorways

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Geyser Great B. White
$159 $121.95
Pre Order -23%
Geyser Great D. Green
$159 $121.95
Pre Order -23%
Geyser Great K. Green
$159 $121.95
Pre Order -23%
Geyser Great M. Navy
$159 $121.95
Pre Order -23%
Geyser Great F. Black
$159 $121.95
Pre Order -20%
Geyser Litli B. White
$139 $110.92
Pre Order -20%
Geyser Litli P. Sand
$139 $110.92
Pre Order -20%
Geyser Litli K. Green
$139 $110.92
Pre Order -20%
Geyser Litli P. Grey
$139 $110.92
Pre Order -20%
Geyser Litli M. Navy
$139 $110.92

Take them wherever life takes you

From urban to outdoors

Stay dry with HDry technology

No more wet socks
We are the first to introduce the patented HDry technology for professional outdoor products into urban design. Experience waterproofness and breathability at the highest level, even in the most extreme weather conditions.

  • 100% Waterproof

    The interior of the full upper is directly laminated to a waterproof HDry® membrane, creating a fully sealed barrier.

  • Quick Dry

    Thanks to HDry technology the shoe does not absorb water and quickly dries-out.

  • Perfect fit

    The shoe is sealed by the ultra-thin HDry membrane without seams, tapes and folds: this eliminates any friction points with the foot and improves comfort.

Stay in control with Recycled Wool

Don't sweat it
We have chosen a certified and traceable Recycled Wool. Recycled Wool absorbs or condenses the body's moisture depending on the external environment, always keeping your foot's temperature controlled.

  • Thermoregulation

    Recycled Wool gives you natural temperature control. Absorbing or evaporating your body's moistures to create a cooling or warming effect.

  • Odor resistant

    The recycled wool fiber absorbs all odor molecules and only releases them upon washing.

  • Breathable

    Recycled Wool is a hyper-breathable product because it is better at removing moisture from the microclimate than most other fabrics.

Don't compromise style for functionality

Urban look. Outdoor performance.

Feels like wearing nothing

Inspired by nature and made with advanced technology
and innovative design to give you high performance and ultimate comfort.

  • Impact Absortion

    Supra cushion outsole ™: Durable outsole
    designed with perforations for an EVA cushioning

  • Slip Resistant

    Complete rubber grip outsole specially
    designed with grooves and a simple silhouette

The ultimate blend of features

Take on the unexpected

Year Round Wear

Sustainable. Traceable.

At Tropicfeel we believe it’s our responsibility to create products that are designed, sourced and manufactured in ways that are good for our community and good for the planet.


CO2 Neutral certified by Climate Neutral


Reduced Water Consumption


Pre-consumer recycled material

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How crowdfunding works

Creators of 4 record breaking Kickstarter campaigns, now on exclusively our website. We're going to have differents batches. Don't miss the opportunity to buy it at its lowest price.

How to pre-order?

Simply click the pre-order button and in the next page select your color and size. You will then be able to purchase your pair of Geyser with discount (limited time only) for delivery in August 2022.

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Why crowdfunding?

We believe that our crowdfunding model is the best way to stop unnecessary harm to the environment, while offering our customers better prices at the same time. Here's why:

  • Good for you

    Get our product at a cheaper price

  • Good for us

    We can produce goods in a more responsible way

  • Good for the planet

    We only produce what we need helping to avoid excess emissions and waste



Our useful size guide is the best way to choose the correct size.

*Our sizing is the same across all models.

After a few uses, your shoes will stretch ever so slightly as you break them in.

Geyser is designed to be worn with socks, however, the lining material gives an extra layer of comfort.

The shoe is waterproof, however, please do not wash them in the washing machine as the membrane and the waterproofness may lose their benefits. Clean the outside of the shoes with a cloth or a brush, with warm water. Do not use chlorine, bleach, or sports cleaning foam as it can damage your shoes. Shake off the sand, gravel, or dirt from the inside of the shoe. After carefully cleaning your shoes, dry them naturally at moderate temperatures. Don't put your boots too close to direct heat or in a hot room as it could cause damage. The water-repellent material can decrease the efficiency of the shoes after usage. We recommend spraying them with water-repellent spray, which works best after cleaning them.

Yes, the insoles are removable and replaceable.

There is a huge difference. You can get wet with Geyser as it’s our first waterproof shoe, always keeping you dry. There is no need to worry about getting your feet wet, Geyser takes care of that with its lightweight and waterproof materials. Geyser was designed with care so you can wear it without.

Our water-friendly shoes (CANYON, MONSOON, SUNSET, and JUNGLE) are perfect for warm climates and water activities. You can even take a dip in the ocean with them. The materials and the fabrics are designed to dry quickly so you can enjoy your dinner after an amazing day. There are different options depending on your activities.

The materials used for both versions are identical and the design is very similar. The low version (Geyser Litli) is perfect for travelling, it has a folding tongue construction that increases the sock construction opening. It has less ankle support but is more lightweight which makes the foot and ankle complex more active. This dynamically stabilizes the joints of the complex. 

The high top version (Geyser Great) is great for hiking, has an increased tongue and neckline bootie construction that makes it equally easy to use. It comes with increased ankle support and is less lightweight but still light. This design makes the foot and ankle complex less active.

The glue we use contains isinglass and in this particular model, we have also used recycled wool, 40% recycled polyester - 60% recycled wool in the lining of the shoe. It provides thermo-regulation, absorbs moisture, and is also soft to the touch. This model does not qualify as a vegan product.

GEYSER is made of 82% Recycled Nylon + 10,5% Recycled Elastane + 7,5% PU.

We reuse fabrics from the industry, from post-consumer origins. Recycled fibers give a second life to a material that’s not biodegradable and would otherwise end up in landfill or the ocean. 

MIPAN regen from HYOSUNG is the world's largest 1st recycled nylon filament yarn made with 100% pre-consumer recycled materials. It reserves petroleum resources, is GRS certified for improved traceability and is Oektoek certified, which is safe screened chemistry. It is also durable fibre for long-lasting wear. 

Creora regen from HYOSUNG is a recycled spandex made from 100% pre-consumer recycled material. A lifestyle analysis study by a specialist company shows a ⅔ reduction in carbon footprint vs virgin fibre.

The main upper part is made with two kinds of fabrics (canvas and ripstop). Both fabrics have the same composition that gives the perfect balance. It gives a casual look and the reinforcement construction fabric can resist unexpected situations. These fabrics are a mix of recycled nylon and recycled elastane reinforced with PU quality to reinforce the toe, the eyestay, and the heel. The fabric is durable and offers stretch for the perfect fit and added comfort during wear.

Our Geyser sneakers are set to ship in August 2022. Note that this is an estimate, as you’re pre-ordering and unforeseen production delays may arise.

Customers who purchase orders outside of the European Union, in some cases, customs fees can be charged and it is the buyers responsibility to pay for any Import, Duty, VAT and Customs Fees that may apply for shipping to their country.

We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.