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Pack up to 20% more


A backpack and wardrobe system with unmatched versatility, easy access, and organization to pack up to 20% more.

Adjusts to fit your needs

Shrink it. Expand it.

Shell’s 3-in-1 adaptable design shifts between 22L to 40L.

That means you can unlock space when you’re packing for your weekend trip and lock it back up when you’re heading out for some day-time exploration.

A new era of packing

We are millions of people looking for the same thing: How to pack and save space. Why just toss your clothes in your bag? We have found the answer to that question... Put them in an organized, easy-to-access wardrobe with a built-in compression system.

Pack more, pack better

The apex of space optimization and clothes organization

  • A literal closet in your bag

  • So you can bring more with you, up to 20% more

Endless possibilities

Pack your way, enjoy the day

The perfect blend of features

We’ve successfully combined the ergonomics and benefits of a large hiking pack, with the portability and minimalist design of a daily use backpack.

Organization beast

Don’t leave anything behind

Clamshell opening

So you can see everything at once

Detachable accessories. Fidlock® security.

It doesn’t take up space inside your bag

Expandable kangaroo pocket

6L expansion so you can keep things separate


Wear it anytime, rain or shine

Shell Wardrobe System

An inbuilt wardrobe system that helps save up to 20% more space. Remove it from the backpack, pack your things, compress it down, and like magic it fits perfectly inside your Shell.

Feel at home when you are away


Combine these specially designed accessories with the Shell backpack to obtain the ultimate daily-to-travel ecosystem, so you can be ready for any adventure, anywhere, anytime.

Choose one, two or three of them:

Get to know Shell in depth

We know details make perfection, that’s why we’ve packed Shell with all the features and details you would expect from a premium backpack and the ones you’ve been asking for all this time. Excelling in every single department.

Superior comfort

If you are gonna pack more, better be comfortable

Made with foam for scapular and lumbar support with dual-channel airflow to allow breathability.

Frontal straps that use an offloading mechanism so you can control how high or low the Shell sits.

Use this to transfer weight from your shoulders to your hips.

To help disperse the weight off your shoulders and stops them from getting sore.

Store the straps and handles away by tucking them behind this elastic band.

You can also carry your Shell by using either the top handle or the handle found at the side.

Quality meets sustainability

Sustainability as a design principle

At Tropicfeel, we took our time in selecting suppliers that not only were sustainable in nature but also offered high caliber, high quality, long-lasting materials. To do this, we focused on suppliers that were Bluesign® certified, meaning they had been vetted prior to ensure safer and more sustainable environments for people to work in and everyone to live in.

100% Recycled Nylon

60% Recycled Polyester

Recycled materials

We use a mix of both pre and post-consumer waste to minimize the negative impact we have on our planet. Pre-consumer waste is a material that’s been scrapped before it was ready for use, and post-consumer waste is a material that’s been discarded after it served its original purpose.

Magnetic Fidlock®
This system allow you to attach the add-ons safely to the front of the Shell. It connects via a magnet so once locked in, they won't be able to be pulled off until you lift the security tab.

YKK Sealed Zippers
All YKK zippers are corrosion resistant, polished, plated, extra durable and built to stand the test of time with constant use.

New branding
Attention to detail is everything. We’re proud to present the Shell backpack as the first product to show our new logo and symbol, marking the new era of Tropicfeel gear.


Some questions you may have

No. Unfortunately we do not sell the wardrobe system separately. It is designed to fit exclusively for the Shell and must be purchased alongside the backpack. If you need to return the backpack due to a fault, the wardrobe system will also need to be returned.

We currently offer two shipping options: STANDARD & EXPRESS. Delivery times and cost is dependent on which option is chosen and your shipping destination.

For more information, please visit our FAQ page here

You have 30 days from the delivery date to request an exchange and 14 days to request a refund. A quick heads up: To make a successful return, we just need the item(s) you are returning to be in new, unused condition and in the original packaging.

Customers located in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland, US and The Netherlands:

Exchanges: We will provide you with a prepaid postage label for your return. You will be able to download this, and attach it to your parcel.

Refunds: We will provide you with a postage label for your return. You will be able to download this. The cost of this label is 20€ and will be deducted from your total refund amount.

Customers located in countries not listed above:

Exchanges and Refunds: You will need to cover the cost of shipping your parcel back to our warehouse. We will provide you with details of the nearest warehouse to your location during the return process.

1. TOILETRY & POUCH POCKET: To ensure complete security and peace of mind, we’re adding 2x the security by adding 2x Fidlock magnets and pull tabs. To remove your detachable accessories, simply pull up on both tabs at the same time to release the locks, and lift off.

2. BUCKLES: After several stages of additional testing with our prototype,the metallic fidlocks became scratched very easily, ruining the overall look of the backpack. To resolve this issue, we have replaced the buckles with ones made from ultra durable, scratch resistant Duraflex® plastic. This means your Shell can keep on looking great, long after first use.

3. OPENING SECTION OF LAPTOP COMPARTMENT: We're implementing a Hook and loop fastener closure system to improve the closing mechanism of the lid of the laptop compartment. It automatically secures once the two materials touch.

4. WARDROBE BUCKLES: The final hardware chosen will be a high quality duraflex hooking system to allow for extra strength and durability.